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7 Tips To Cheer The F#ck Up

Have you ever wondered what the secret was to a happier and healthier life? Here are 7 tips to change your life around, gathered from multiple books so you don't have to read anymore than you want to (you're welcome).

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1. Go Outside For Once

Light deprivation from sitting inside all day can cause you to feel tired, unproductive, and depressed.

Five minutes of sunlight can increase the production of serotonin and dopamine, which will drastically improve your mood.

2. Make Reasonable Goals

Think of your "big picture" goal, and then break it down into smaller targets that are more reasonable to achieve.

If your goal is to own a sports car then break it down into smaller steps, such as first learning how to drive and getting your license.

3. Improve Your Self Discipline

This involves training your brain to know certain limits.

Try making yourself do things that you don't want to do (eat healthy), and stop yourself from doing things that you want to do, but shouldn't (eat junk food).

4. Find A Hobby

This most likely won't happen overnight.

Try many different activities to find out what sparks your interest the best, such as martial arts, yoga, fishing, chess, or blowing bubbles.

5. Don't Be A Fun Sponge

People who have fun are 20x more likely to feel happiness, so embrace the fun moments around you.

Create a happy atmosphere by joking around, playing games with friends, and taking away all the negativity that surrounds you.

6. Cross Off Your To-Do List

Creating a to-do list can help better your life but if you don't cross off the completed tasks, it can cause more stress in your life.

If your brain isn't told that a task is now complete, it will constantly think about these "unfinished" tasks.

7. Create Your Own Future

Naturally we create “what if’s” in our head that hold us back from reaching our future goals and creating happiness.

Try learning from your past experiences to better predict and change your future.

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