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5 Tips To Prevent Your Memory From Kicking The Bucket

Do you have a big test coming up, or is it finals week? Trying to remember all the information that you learned over the last semester can be tricky. Here are 5 tips (with adorable dog graphics) to keep your noggin in check so that you ace your exams.

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1. Use It Or Lose It

Does studying from dusk to dawn help when it comes to retaining subject material? Yes.

However, if all you do is study and not take time for yourself to have a balance life filled with social interaction and new routines, then that part of your brain will die off.

2. Quiz Yourself

Long-term, deep learning requires frequent and active retrieval, which means quiz yourself!

Ways to test yourself: Quizlet, get old tests and answer the questions, go to your textbooks’ online resources and answer practice quizzes, and actually do your homework.

3. Draw Out The Hard-To-Remember Information

Studies show that drawing out a piece of information that is hard to remember will help make the information stick in your mind.

If you are having a difficult time retaining information in a certain subject, try drawing it.

4. Be A Memory Athlete

When you associate certain information with a familiar place that you know well, the ability to remember that information will improve (A.K.A. the method of loci).

Training your brain to remember information in this strategic way will pay off in the short and long term.

5. Pugs Not Drugs

Peer pressure is huge in school and succumbing to these bad habits can make you lose your memory.

Having a surprise stress-reliving drink on a Monday night is fine, but not if you're still planning on acing that Tuesday exam.

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