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5 Hints To Make It Through Hell (A.K.A. College)

College can be a difficult time for many students. This is usually the first time you are out of the house and on your own. Expectations and standards are raised and as a result the transition from high school to college can be tricky. Below are 5 hints to help make that transition as smooth as possible.

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1. Reevaluate Your Goals

Figure out replacement habits that have the same positive outcomes you desire but without the downsides of your bad habits.

Try telling other people about your goals so that they can hold you accountable to them, and in turn you will be more likely to stick to that goal.

2. Reward And Punish Yourself

Through operant conditioning, people and animals change their behavior through rewards and punishments.

Whether it be receiving a prize if you got an A on a test or being threatened by your parents if you don’t get good grades, both will result in you studying more.

3. Have Everything In Moderation

When rewards and punishments are predictable or easy to obtain, they become less effective.

Find a balance between spoiling yourself with hours of Netflix and resisting temptation while studying or it won’t have the effects that you desire.

4. Feel Your Best For The Test

If you experience test anxiety then try to separate the feeling of stress with the topic of tests.

Try meditating or imagining your body becoming light and fluffy such as whipped cream cheese to begin to associate tests with being relaxed. Read more about coping with test anxiety here.

5. Hit The Gym And Catch Some Z's

When you make physical improvements, your brain will take care of itself, and in turn your memory will improve.

Both sleep and exercise helps to improve memory and prevent stress by relaxing the mind.

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