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32 Useful Products That’ll Barely Require Your Time Or Attention While Using Them

So you can spend more time doing more important things... like watching Netflix.

Samantha Wieder 6 hours ago

35 Cheap Products That Yield Results That Look More Expensive

Everything in this post is under $25, so yeah, "you're welcome" to your bank account.

Samantha Wieder 2 days ago
Kat Angus 4 days ago
Samantha Wieder 4 days ago

20 Products That'll Make Your Home Feel More Like A Hotel

And you don't have to make a reservation.

Samantha Wieder 5 days ago

21 Light Jackets From Walmart To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

"Not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket."

Samantha Wieder 6 days ago
Samantha Wieder 6 days ago

34 Easy-To-Use Products For People Who Are Too Lazy To Read An Instruction Manual

*sees instructional manual.... immediately throws away instruction manual*

Samantha Wieder 6 days ago
Samantha Wieder 7 days ago
Samantha Wieder 7 days ago
Samantha Wieder 8 days ago
Samantha Wieder 9 days ago

31 Things To Help You Clean Almost Every Inch Of Your Home

We're proud of you for being responsible enough to click into this post. Even more proud if you press "add to cart."

Samantha Wieder 11 days ago

Here's The Best Coffee Spot In Every State, According To Yelp

Time to quit your day job and go on a tour de caffeine.

Samantha Wieder 14 days ago

12 Pairs Of Super Comfy Shoes That Our Readers 100% Swear By

Have to stand all day, every day? These shoes are for you!

Sarah Aspler 14 days ago

Here’s A List Of Fall 2019 Concerts You’ll Probably Want To Buy Tickets To Immediately

From Jonas Brothers to Lana Del Ray to Post Malone to Ariana Grande, and *more*, here are the hottest acts to catch as the temps drop.

Samantha Wieder 19 days ago

19 Products To Help You Reminisce About The Good Ol’ College Days, No Matter How Many Years Ago You Graduated

Doesn't a small piece of you miss eating ramen for every meal and sharing a communal bathroom?

Samantha Wieder 19 days ago
Sarah Aspler 19 days ago
Samantha Wieder 20 days ago

41 Cheap Products That'll Give You Results That'll Feel More Expensive

"Too bad this really useful product costs less than $15. I really wanted to spend $100 on it." —said no one... ever.

Samantha Wieder 20 days ago