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10 Culture Shocks Indian Students Experience When They Go Abroad To Study

You have just ended your shopping spree and are finally ready to fly abroad for that dream course. If that sounds familiar, here are a few things that could make your eyes roll out in amusement at a foreign University, and you dare not react!!!

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1. 1. The Quick and Simple Procedures to get Things Done.


Whether it is opening a bank account, finding your favorite piece of clothing at a store, or getting an important letter from the University, the processes are just too simple. It's amusing and breathtaking at the same time, because delays have been a part of our schedules all along.

2. You Call Your Professors By Their NAMES!!!


So the 'sanskaars' from school and college that forced us to suffix sir and ma'am after the teachers' name just got a makeover. Oh So Savage!

3. Public Display of Affection

Unlike the disdainful looks you get here, you're not a a perpetrator anymore for making out in public. Dobby has no master, Dobby is a Free Elf!

4. You can't be a Copycat Anymore! Sob. Sob.

You will soon start missing the copy-paste command on your PC that you ceaselessly used for your assignments in India. Plagiarism, I loved you so much!

5. Fork in your Left Hand, Knife in your Right, and Spoon in India.

You could be lucky to get spoons at a few odd restaurants, but mostly, you'll have to learn to balance the rice crumbs on your canine fork. No more spoon-feeding, literally!

6. Where are my Stray Dogs?


If you love dogs (who doesn't?), you are about to be disappointed. When you go to a foreign land to not find any stray dogs, you might soon start begging dog owners to let you pamper theirs. Aww SOOO SWEEET!

7. Can I Sell the Extra Pounds on my Body for a Pound?

From pounds to dollars, every thing converted to the Indian currency will make you feel poorer. But worry not, there are loads of restaurants, groceries, and shops that'd offer part-time work. Rush!!!

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