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9 Reasons To Hire Me

Because you can't view creativity in a cover letter

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Hey! My name is Rochelle or Ro for short. I saw that you have an open position available and I would love to work with you (come on who wouldn't). So like any normal person [hahahahaha] I've decided to post my cover letter here for you...and well the world, to see.

1. I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. I currently reside in New York City metro area where I'm getting another degree in finance.

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Have no problem moving or travelling for work

2. Like everyone fresh out of college I began the 'dream' with internships and working in retail

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I wouldn't change my experiences; the good and the bad. It helped shape the type of employee I am.

3. But that helped me move up to work at a start up business, volunteer work for organizations like Avon 39, do freelance writing and become a marketing specialist for one of Google's elite Premier Partners...


...also closing a $1,248 deal while there

4. Despite a lot of my experience with sales as the primary focus, I am absolutely passionate about quantitative work and data.

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Love those numbers

5. And strong research skills

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I have over 2 years quantitative research experience with heavy emphasis on data collection, analysis, fact checking and surveys.

6. I have experience in managing social media content for start ups

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How we communicate today has changed greatly. There is always more information available at a moment's notice. Which is why I never miss a minute to tweet even in the heat of battle.

7. I'm proficient in MS Office as well as Google Analytics, AdWords and scheduling tools

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I'm also an adept multi-takser

8. Rolling with the punches is a daily occurrence

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I'm not a stranger to challenges in my work life and even everyday life, but instead of throwing in the towel, I thrive. Stress and fast pace environments aren't going to knock me out.

9. Even though I'm perfect fine working alone, you succeed in a team environment when you have those second and third brains to bounce ideas off of.

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And if you ever need a hand to catch a moving car, I'll be there!

Maybe I'm a little weird...

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But there's something there; a uniquely creative spark that you just need on your team

So go ahead

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Enjoy the read and want to contact me or refer me to a position in you company?

Or you just want to know a bit about me... no worries. Could can follow me on Twitter or email me directly .

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