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Tanning Bed Reviews: The Best 5 Tanning Beds In 2017

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a tanning bed inside your home? Now you can have one, but you have to choose the best one. We have uncovered the top 5 tanning beds that can be used within your home. It is also important to consider what tanning bed is right for you. Our tanning bed reviews will give you some tips on which one might be the best fit. ( At the bottom of this page we explain the benefits of having a tanning bed in your home and things you should consider before you purchase one) Now, you don't have to go searching for the best one to place in that extra room you have. Here are our top tanning bed reviews…

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Solar Storm 24S (Includes arm and face tanners)

This bed provides not only the ample UV ray lights that you need for tanning, but it has specially formulated lamps to tan your arms and face. With 24 lamps, 12 on the top and 12 on the bottom, you can have an even glow without having to worry about a part of your body being missed.

Measuring 78 x 34 inches, you have a large tanning surface to provide comfort.

Six high output lamps are placed at the top of the bed. This allows the face to have an even glow that the rest of the lights may not provide. It is also ideal for those that want to spend less time in the tanning bed. Since they're high output, you can actually tan in half the time you normally would.

Coming almost all of the way assembled, with a lifetime warranty and a 10 year powertrain and electrical warranty, it is a no-brainer on why you'd want to go with this tanning bed.

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Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed By SunFire

Next on the list of my tanning bed reviews is this gem. With 16 lamps on the top and bottom of the bed, you're provided with an all over, even glow.

The built in Power Window Facial Lamps help aim the UV rays better, giving you a faster glow then some of the other beds on the market. It also has a built in body cooling fan, Mp3 sytem to play music while you tan, and comes with $100 Starter Lotion Package. Comes with a decorative base and looks good anywhere in your home!

Large Tanning Surface 81"x 36" and 120VAC Power

It does come almost all of the way assembled at 95%, though they only provide a 1 year warranty on this bed.

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Sun Technologies Solar Storm 24R with Arm and Face Tanners

Aluminum and steel come together to create this futuristic quality tanning bed. The bio-tech funnel design is what makes it different from the rest. This helps provide an all-over, even glow that is more bright and thorough than some of the other beds. With 24 lamps you get close and consistent tanning results in less time.

Measuring 78 x 34 x 48 inches, it is one of the largest tanning surfaces that you will come across.

Aluminum reflectors provide a way for the lights to be directed to the necessary areas, providing you with a deeper, darker tan. Have complete control with the use of this bed as well. Timers, key controls and digital controls provide you with everything you need.

With a year warranty, you can ensure that you're covered for quite a while.

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Solar Storm 24 Bulb Wolff Systems Tanning Bed with Face Lamps

This 24 lamp tanning bed with arm and face tanning lamps is extra long and extra wide at 78"x34" it provides max comfort tanning surface. This bed has a tunnel design which surrounds the user allowing a nice even tan.

With high-glossed aluminum reflectors that concentrate the ultraviolet light generated by the lamps you'll be tan in no time at all!

Its delivered 98% pre assembled and has a lightweight and tough aluminum body. With a measurement of 83 by 39 by 27 inches. This tanning bed has a 5 star rating on amazon!

12-month (gold) warranty

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Stand-Up Tanner SunDream Tanning Full Body 12 x 100W 71" Wolff Bronzing Tan Lamps Curved Canopy

This tanning bed is ideal for anyone with limited space. It stands up vertically so this machine can be used in pretty much any room! Its also light weight (81 lbs) and on wheels making it easy for anyone to move it around! It has a thirty minute timer with 12 volt 15 amp lamps.. Broken bulbs are cheap to replace at 39 dollars.

Measurement of 78” long and 30” wide and 81 pounds.

Financing is available at amazon for this tanning bed.

1 year warranty

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These tanning bed reviews will help you make a decision based on your needs and wants in a bed. Ensure that you find something worth bringing home and using to your advantage. Things you should consider before you make your purchase

Warranty - A warranty is something you should definitely have considering the amount of money you are investing in a tanning machine.. All five machines we’ve reviewed have warranties please compare and choose the best that fits your needs.

Number of lamps - Tanning bed Lamps are the foundation of all tanning machines. Most home machines for your home have 16 to 32 bulbs. Most beds with 24 or less bulbs are 6 feet long so if you're over 6 foot you should have more than 24 bulbs.

Design - Tanning machines come in both vertical and horizontal. It's important to know how much space you have in your room before you get one, so make sure you check the measurements.

facial tanners - Considering the hardest place to tan is your face you should go with the machine that's have built in facial tanners. These built in tanners produce a bigger amount of UVA rays to the face for the best overall results!

Assembly - Assembling a tanning bed could prove difficult so we recommend anyone who's not good at this sort of thing to purchase a bed that comes at least 90% assembled (like the ones we’ve reviewed up top)


1. protective tanning goggles are essential, Your eyes need protection against UV

rays the bulbs produce

2. Beds should be wiped down after every use especially if multiple people are

using the same machine.

3. These machine can be used naked to avoid tanning lines

4. Tanning beds are not recommended for children under the age of 16 because

their skin is more sensitive than adults.

5. Price is very important! If you looking for a good product that fits your needs

you can fine one for about 2000 dollars. More advanced and larger machines

cost are 4000.

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