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The 5 Stupidest Movie Hero Deaths. Ever

Hero's, flawed and larger than life. Sacrificing themselves for the better of the rest of us cowards. Even if they are an anti-hero, they still end their screen time in an epic manner. A manner befitting a higher level of being. Not these guys. These guys had possibly the worst screen death ever. From the set up to the execution to the "last breath" these are pretty bad. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree.

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1. Death of Professor X - X-Men The Last Stand

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What should have a good movie basically became a cringe fest. Let's not even talk about the bad CGI to make Patrick Stewart look young in the opening scene. This scene above is only rivaled by the death of Cyclops, which is also pretty terrible. The poor Prof, went poof. Literally.

HOWEVER this was redeemed in the death of Xavier in "Logan" so that's why it's at this position.

2. Death of Jazz - Transformers

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Ok, so overall Michael Bay's Transformers movies have given us terrible "deaths" for years. But it started here with one of the tentpole heros basically being dismembered in 2 seconds of footage. This is not as bad as when they killed Ultra Magnus in the animated movie (c'mon that was terrible) and then "put him back together" I mean, you guys couldn't have done that with Optimus Prime?? Terrible

3. Padme, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

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A bad death in a bad trilogy sad to say, not as bad as some other later on this list, but you have to think its funny that in the whole universe this woman dies, literally, of a broken heart. WTF? Lady, what about your kids??? You don't love them too? Gah.

4. Captain Kirk - Star Trek: Generations

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We all desperately wanted to see the old Enterprise and the new one battle Klingons in some sort of time shift plot, where Kirk basically sacrifices himself to save the ship. . . or SOMETHING. . . What we got was a ribbon in space that trapped men, and "gave them what they wanted" To add insult to injury, we got "it's been . . . fun." Fun? No. It's been horrible, thanks.

5. Luke Skywalker - Star Wars The Last Jedi

OF COURSE IT'S A SPOILER. If you haven't seen the movie yet, sucks to be you. You're actually not really missing anything. We all know Luke Skywalker has to die. But you would have expected he might have put up a bigger fight. He literally fades into the Force. Ok, yes, it's an emotional scene that is made much better with the cinematography, but. . . nope. Its bad. Its a bad way to let a beloved character like Luke Skywalker die. You just killed the franchise you schmucks.

6. Honorable mentions.

In no particular order these Heroes also died in a stupid way.

# Han Solo in The Force Awakens

# Norman Osborne's Death in Spider-Man 3

# Jonathan Kent – Man of Steel

# Sup. . . Man of Steel - Batman vs Super. . . Man of Steel.

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