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8 Bernie Sanders Memes That Went Viral On The Internet

US senator Bernie Sanders is one of the candidates for the 2016 president elections in the USA. He's from the democrats and considers himself a 'socialist'. Even though some of his ideas are moderately left, others can very well be called communist. A fun fact - some of the things he promises sound a lot like the things promised by the Bolsheviks in 1912, before Russia becomes Soviet Union. The main source of this collection is the Facebook page Anarchyball. Other memes I've found on the Internet for the past couple of months.

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Nothing wrong with being 18,4 trillions in debt. Nothing wrong...

For the past 8 years, the US debt has been increasing dramatically. The main reasons - bigger and bigger government, bureaucracy and free stuff. And now, when the debt is over 100% of the GDP, a guy tell that he wants to make more stuff free. Doesn't he understand that those loans are going to be paid by future generations? Is that the legacy he wants to leave?

Want to work less? Here's how!

This is my personal favorite. :)

After all, who doesn't want to get 52 weeks of vacations?

Just a reminder, Bernie is also against automation in the work process. He says that "robots shouldn't take our jobs." Does he also want us to stop using harvesting machines and go back to sickles?

Bernie is such an "expert" on education

Bernie Sanders believes that free education is the answer. Undoubtedly, education is very important, but we live in a society where you can literally educate yourself in most professions through the Internet. Not to mention that your job and the market are the right places to learn. After all, the idea to educate yourself is to be able to do your job better and be more productive. Otherwise, you end up a unqualified person who is forever destined to work for a cleaning or moving company.

"Free, free, free" - reminds me of something

Promising free stuff is the easiest way to get votes (see Greece). However, there are only two ways to make a service like education free - make those who teach and handle the education process do it for no money or get(steal) money from person A in order to give them to person B who should teach person C.

Promising free stuff in order to get into power. The power to own unicorns and shoot rainbows!

Last but not least, Bernie on a unicorn, shooting free stuff and rainbows out of his hands. A great meme that shows just how absurd Bernie Sander's ideas are!

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