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    8 Bernie Sanders Memes That Went Viral On The Internet

    US senator Bernie Sanders is one of the candidates for the 2016 president elections in the USA. He's from the democrats and considers himself a 'socialist'. Even though some of his ideas are moderately left, others can very well be called communist. A fun fact - some of the things he promises sound a lot like the things promised by the Bolsheviks in 1912, before Russia becomes Soviet Union. The main source of this collection is the Facebook page Anarchyball. Other memes I've found on the Internet for the past couple of months.

    Nothing wrong with being 18,4 trillions in debt. Nothing wrong...

    Want to work less? Here's how!

    Bernie is such an "expert" on education

    A plan that will most certainly succeed

    "Free, free, free" - reminds me of something

    Socialism in a nutshell!

    Promising free stuff in order to get into power. The power to own unicorns and shoot rainbows!