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4 Tips To Help Improve Your Site’s Ranking In SE

Getting to the top of Google may not be as easy as it sounds but again, it isn’t something you can’t achieve given that there is an endless list of strategies you can effectively employ to that effect.

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Everyone treading the SEO way has a dream that entails get to the top of Google search.

However, many of us fail to achieve our goals for a number of reasons including not employing the best strategies. We have singled out the most recent SEO factors that we believe if followed to the latter; will help to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. Getting to the top of Google may not be as easy as it sounds but again, it isn’t something you can’t achieve given that there is an endless list of strategies you can effectively employ to that effect.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to enhance your site’s ranking in SE.

1) Optimizing for RankBrain


The Google machine-learning Al system incorporated in one of the 3 high ranking signals by Google, comes with a wide range of important factors designed to take your site to another level. The system is utilized by Google to handle unique or imprecise queries. Statistics indicate that new questions form 15 percent of the total number of searches per day. Considering that Google handles 3 brand new searches per day, then there are 450m unique searches conducted daily by Google. In this case, machine learning is very handy when it comes to coping with the vast demand and while marketers may find it daunting to optimize for it, there are a number of ways you can effectively utilize it.

First and foremost, you will require coming up with content that responds to new queries that relate to your audience. Here, you will require to practice a bit of patience as the whole process takes time and an in-depth research. Once you have sufficient amount of references and relevant information in your content, you can start realizing more online presence for related search queries.

2. Optimizing for “near me” search queries

Google considers “micro-moments” critically important in the current content marketplace as they determine the final results of the consumer journey. Mobile plays an important role when it comes to local search and how efficient you need to optimize for the same. According to Chris Lake, mobile searchers are not only active, but also not limited to brand. This offers a great opportunity considering that quite a great number of businesses tend to remain behind attributing to lack of mobile user-experience. The point here is about relevance, simple to use and anticipation.

3) Optimizing your local visibility

Well, there is actually no point of trying to optimize for “near me” if you aren’t “present”. In this case, you will need to search for your local SEO. You can achieve this by simply optimizing your My Business page on Google. For effective results, you will need to ensure that you have obtained the features below:

* Picking the correct categories

* A long and exclusive business description

* Regular updates

* A great amount of imagery

* Important data on opening times

* A local business address and phone number

Yet, another important SEO factor is ensuring that you have as many visible customer reviews as possible. According to Graham Charlton, these are very important especially for your local business regardless of whether you sell online or not. This is attributed to the absolute prominence in the local search engine results.

4. Optimizing for voice and natural language search

According to Mary Meeker, Google Search queries have grown considerably since 2008 (35 times). Considering the fact that voice input is four times faster as compared to typing, chances of obtaining results faster are higher. There exist a number of accessibility issues. While many people may find it hard typing on some devices, others tend to shy away from the more confusing menus. Hence, regardless of whether your site is mobile optimized, mobile search remains tricky.

Bottom line: We all understand how important it is getting your site to the top in Google. By simply using the above tips, you can rest assured that your site will sooner or later get there.

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