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Michael Jackson's Former Drummer Has Encouraged The Stopping Of Selling Neverland And It's Honestly Amazing


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This is Michael Jackson's former drummer, Jonathan Moffett. More commonly known as Sugarfoot.

Jonathan Moffet

Jonathan is also known for working with other big musicians, such as, Madonna, George Michael, Elton John, Lionel Richie, and many other artists.

Recently, on his Instagram, he has shown much support for the newest hashtag. #saveneverland

"I would love everyone to help me by tagging @joycereyrealestate to not sell 'NEVERLAND'. Comment below and kindly express your feelings about the matter. Also put the hashtag #saveneverland. They already have a post about the ranch on their page under a new name. Also post under that particular photo they posted expressing your feelings. It would be wonderful if everyone participates. This is a monumental piece of music history and most importantly, Michael's home at one point. Thank you and God bless you all! Photo by Harrison Funk @foto_icon ✦Sugarfoot✦" He [Jonathan] has said in Instagram posts.

Non-stop actually. Either talking about it or asking to tag the realtor Joyce Rey. The woman who plans on selling Neverland.

"Behind me stands a beautiful sparkly gold gate that reads, "Neverland Valley Ranch", once the beloved home of Michael Jackson. It was not "Sycamore Valley", but "Neverland Valley", a land of magic, joy, and wonderment for not only Michael, but for his family and all the sick children who visited. He would have days where he invited only SICK children free to roam his ranch and forget their problems, and breathe in the lingering "MAGIC" in the air, of Neverland, the theme park, movie theatre, trains, arcade, candy "store", etc. It contained hospital beds in his movie theatre and served as a private sanctuary not only for him, but those desperately in need. The magic that was once "Neverland" MUST be saved!...Though most of these things are now gone, they CAN be restored. Please continue to help me by tagging @joycereyrealestate and continue to express your feelings on the matter. I need as much help as possible to stop this. I can not do it alone. God bless you all for speaking out so far. The agent selling the ranch deletes a lot of comments, so its best to post below or on your page. With love from the inner depths of my heart. ✦Sugarfoot✦" He [Jonathan] states, in an another Instagram post.

The home, located in Santa Barbara County, California, has been open for 23 years and was recently repaired by Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter, in 2013.

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The hashtag [#saveneverland] has gained over 8,000 posts since this article was made.

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