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Duo Brings Millennial Realness With A Classic Sound

Two Good Kids Make Love To Your Grandma is Adena Walker and Harrison M. Beck singing original compositions that have contemporary ideals and lyrics paired with a classical/jazzy sound. They also cover songs from the early 1900's to 1940's.

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Two Good Kids Make Love To Your Grandma / Via

Two Good Kids Make Love To Your Grandma is making classical contemporary. They perform mainly unknown covers from the early 1900- 1945 but lately have been putting out some original pieces which made me really think about dating in the digital age. Like the song "These Books" that talks about picking a girl up in a bar when she is reading a book.

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You are drawn in by the blazers, suits, and dresses and you think, “ oh it’s just some smooth jazz.” Then lyrics like “your tinder tag said ice cold IPAs give me a thrill but, when I say let’s go to McSorley’s all you offer is Netflix and chill,” from their song “Nobody Talks."

I Loved Them And I hope You Do Too!

Two Good Kids Make Love To Your Grandma / Via

* “I Think That I’d Like To Live With You” Is about that time in a relationship when you know you love someone and you ready to move in but, you don’t know if you should ask, or even how to ask.

When it comes to their covers of older songs the harmonies and voices are crazy. It’s really cool what these two people manage to achieve with just a piano and two voices. Their cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is spectacular. They not only swap genders but change up some of the lyrics, and even have this ending to make it a little less of a pervy song, with Adena singing “I always win,” at the end to again “contemporize classical.”

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