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    You Thought Trump Was Bad? Check Out These 10 Facebook Posts From A Colorado Political Candidate

    Facebook frequently acts as a soapbox for those who spew bigotry. We all know that guy. In this case, that guy is Raymond Garcia, a Republican who's running for Colorado State House District 1. Here are some of the times he posted something so racist, sexist, homophobic, or just plain crude that we almost forgot he's an actual candidate for office.

    1. The time he posted this meme suggesting black people should feel guilty for slavery.

    2. The time he tried to shift the blame for America's race problem to... well, Obama, of course! Thanks, Obama.

    3. Because he's definitely not the one perpetuating racism, especially not with memes like this one that suggest slave owners were charitable.

    4. And don't forget the time he proved he was a total homophobe, just in case that was unclear.

    5. Or the time when he wasn't shy about sharing his sexist beliefs with all his Facebook friends.

    6. Again...

    7. And again...

    8. And just in case you still weren't sure how he feels about Hillary Clinton, or women in general, he called this implication of assault "perfect."

    9. But no, "Hitlery" is the one who's a threat!

    10. And the time he was just plain crass. Many words come to mind here, but "awesome" is not one of them.

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