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    8 Outrageously Offensive Facebook Posts From A Former Colorado Lawmaker

    Robert Ramirez, a former legislator in Colorado's House of Representatives, apparently loves to share his views on Facebook - no matter how bigoted they are. Here are just some of his most offensive posts.

    1. After many women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump, Ramirez suggested one of the accusers couldn't have possibly been assaulted based on her looks.

    He's in good company with his party's presidential nominee, who suggested the same thing.

    2. Then he continued to attack the women who came forward.

    Yes, it does "sound legit," since Trump himself claimed he sexually assaults women.

    3. He also demonstrated his attitude toward women with this offensive joke.

    For Ramirez, apparently violence against women is a laughing matter.

    4. But those darn Muslims, they're the ones who are sexist...

    Ramirez certainly couldn't be the one promoting violence against "woman."

    5. He got extra points for redundancy with this Islamophobic post

    He must have forgotten about that whole religious freedom thing our country was founded on.

    6. This time, he deserved a prize for offending as many people as possible.

    You have to admit, he is thorough.

    7. And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, he suggested that Kaepernick can't experience racism because his adoptive parents are white.

    The NFL quarterback protested police killings of black Americans by refusing to stand during the national anthem at a game.

    8. Apparently, he has no understanding of Kaepernick's protest, or the Black Lives Matter movement in general.

    At this point, are you surprised?