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Cape Town Is Going Dry

South Africa's famous City Cape Town has almost no water left, but people are wasting the water on purpose.

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Day Zero


There is a daily limit of 50 litres or less per person whether at home, work, school or elsewhere. Most Capetonians are fighting to save water and have pushed day zero back by four days. This doesn't sound like a big victory if you think of how fast day zero is still approaching (the date is April 16, 2018). That's two months till Cape Town's water supply reaches its end.

Wasting water

With day zero approaching, it's hard to think that people would purposefully waste their last bit of water, right? Well, think again. This is what South Africa has boiled down to:

Yes, some people in Cape Town believe that if they waste all of the water the draught solves all of their problems. SO they wash their Taxi's every day and waste as much water as possible while the rest of the CT's population fight to save water.

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