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First Dates: Watch And Squat

There's icy roads for running, a crowded gym in January, your dusty exercise bike in the garage, slightly boring yoga and 6am spinning classes. Whatcha gonna do? Watch and squat people. Watch and Squat...

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It's cold outside, raining, dark. WINTER. Christmas is over. You've eaten 100 mince pies, a bag of roasted nuts and a chocolate orange you originally bought for someone else. You know you need to exercise your ass off but leaving the house is just not appealing in the slightest. We feel ya. We've been there. We have a solution...

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Combine the ultimate distraction of the dating phenomenon, First Dates, with some hard core circuit training. You'll have so much fun you'll forget you're exercising and one day you'll look down and see a six pack where your third turkey stuffing sandwich used to rest on boxing day's couch slouch 2016.

So grab your mate/partner/child/dog, a glass of water and crack open a window. 

You're gonna get hot just looking at Fred.

READY. SET. Press Play.

3 When Cici and Sam are together mucking about...

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...15-30 Lunges twisting over your outer leg as you laugh and laugh about how cute they are together and wish they would get married.

Abs and legs... Cici and Sam <3

6 When someone says they've been cheated on...


...15-30 Punch the air as hard and as fast as you can as you imagine your ex's face.

This will probably go hand and hand with the break up and divorce conversation so you'll be hitting that cardio hard! And yes, we've entered cat meme zone...

NEW ADD! Whenever Xavier appears...

This is very much an observation test with no exercise necessary! (Woohoo!)

Anytime you see the new French wine waiter Xavier in First Dates Hotel or when he tries to teach someone correct French pronunciation...- DRINK WATER. It's important to keep hydrated while exercising and savour every drop, because you don't know when it's going to run out.

Written by LEXI ROGERS. Edited by RACHEL STROUD.

The original First Date circuit training creators, who love wine and working out in living rooms. ©

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