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The Story Of How JotForm Replaced Adobe FormsCentral

Adobe's form-building service, FormsCentral, is shutting down on July 28, 2015. JotForm, the FormsCentral Alternative, stepped up to the plate to make sure that users could keep their forms and submissions.

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1. Adobe FormsCentral announced that their product is going to retire on July 28, 2015. FormsCentral users were like


Forms are essential for companies! They need them for e-commerce, data and lead collection, surveys, & more.

2. JotForm, a popular online form builder and competitor of FormsCentral, received tons of support requests from FormsCentral users

4. The JotForm engineers immediately set to work!


They coded for days, and reverse engineered Adobe's interface to build the easiest tool in the land so FormsCentral users wouldn't lose all of their important forms and data.

5. The engineering team succeeded!


They created a 1-step Import Wizard where FormsCentral users can migrate all of their forms and submissions seamlessly, needing just their FormsCentral username and password.

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