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6 Ways To Step Up Your Web Design Game

In a field that's always moving forward...make sure you're not left in the dust! Stay one step ahead of the game.

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1. Use a creative CAPTCHA

Although they can be necessary, CAPTCHAs are unfortunately annoying. Given that, on average, 3 human users agreed on the “translation” of the CAPTCHA only 71% of the time, we’ve all had the experience of having to re-enter the code multiple times to convince a computer that you’re not one of them. Instead of being an expected negative experience for your users, surprise your audience with a creative or interesting CAPTCHA like a cool puzzle or funny question.

2. Add seasonal extras:

atulperks / Via

Spice up your website with unanticipated details that pleasantly surprise your visitors. Animated snow can fall on the Winter Solstice, Cupid can fly across the page on Valentine’s Day, your logo can celebrate with an explosion of confetti on the company anniversary, your header can be transformed into an American flag flapping in the wind on July 4th...There are so many options. Turn to Google’s doodle for inspiration.

3. Utilize white space:

Web Design Ledger / Via

The use of white space on websites can drive results. The negative space can direct the eye to the proper place, and optimize the user’s experience of interacting with a website. Well thought out use of white space can improve readability and website performance, as well as convey a certain image (professional, chic, and clear). Too many elements, images, and different shapes and colors can make your website look amatuer, cluttered, and too loud and busy.

4. Make beautiful forms with an online form builder:

JotForm / Via

Contact forms, lead generation forms, order forms, and more. Their design is frequently neglected or not given a second thought. Even by coordinating the color scheme or adding a customized element to your form can enhance your website significantly. You can easily design forms for free at JotForm, with a fully customizable point-and-click method that only takes minutes. If your form is especially creative, use it to win prizes and money!

5. Invest in professional photography:

Scruffy Dog Photography / Via

Too many websites use stock images. Although this can work really nicely, sometimes your website calls for a specific image, or you have a great idea in your mind’s eye. Original content can be much better received and can set your website apart, especially if you have a keen eye for detail and can add just the right touches to your images. More attractive images are also more likely to be shared, and as social media keeps heating up, quality photos can be used as a paramount tool to increase exposure and bring traffic to your website.

6. Design your own typeface:

Design you trust / Via

The brands that we love have a distinctive typeface that we’ve grown to associate with them, whether on their logo or on their website. To foster a truly unique brand identity, you may want to look into create your own font. For the truly ambitious, create your own typeface that compliments the website’s overall personality and image.

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