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Guess How Much This Painting Sold For...

Who knew something so simple and bland could be the most expensive painting in the world.

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That's how much this painting sold for in Nov. 2012 at a Sotheby's auction. It was made by the Abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko in 1954. You may be wondering why it sold for so much, well art gallery owner, Michelle Gaugy has the answer.

"Well, you have asked two very limited and specific questions. You did NOT ask why any of these paintings are good art, or why they are important in the art world. You asked first about money - why did they last sell for so much money?

The short answer, which is about all we can give you on Quora, is that they were painted by very famous painters. And there are only so many works available by very famous painters. So it is simple supply and demand. These days, art by famous artists is an investment commodity like stocks. People buy it because the prices seem to go up more than they go down. It may also be that the person who purchased the art also liked the aesthetics of the artwork, but that is probably a secondary reason for their purchase."

-- Michelle Gaugy, art gallery owner, author, art consultant

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