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The REAL List Of The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Bachelors Of Trinidad And Tobago

In that vein of Not People, Not Cosmo and Not VH1’s annual lists of ‘Hollywood’s hottest bachelors’, here are Trinidad and Tobago’s Sexiest Celebrity Bachelors...And by Celebrities we mean people that lots of people know...not just you and your school friends. And BTW. Yes these guys are super hot...but don't worry, they don't cause global warming since that is actually caused by greenhouse gas, like that which escapes cows butts...and silly writers. The Question is...what is sexy? We don't all have the same taste, and everyone is looking for something different. This is why I thought I’d mix it up a bit. Here is the real Top 10 Sexiest Trini Celebrity Bachelors...

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10. KI

Lucy Bacchanal

Charming with boyish good looks KI whose real name is Kris Veeshal Persad became famous in the chutney soca world singing praises to his bachelorhood ‘Single Forever’, so it was only fitting he was included on the list. How many ladies out there would like him to eat his words?

9. Justin Phelps

Lucy Bacchanal

Justin is a lawyer by trade but also dabbles in politics and is an advocate for many issues, including children’s (cue collective awwwww) .Often called upon by local media to comment or analyze issues, Justin combines model good looks with professorial acumen. When GQ meets IQ, Justin is sure to make ladies swoon whether it’s on the runway or in the classroom.

8. Mr Renzo

Lucy Bacchanal

What’s his name? Bruuuh you can say about him what you want but the Venezuelan Papi Chulo drives all women loca with his Latin Soca. When he drop his lyrics you just want to bend ya back. If you want to travel the world and eat Arepa for breakfast every morning better start to wine your colita gyal.

7. Njisane Phillip

Lucy Bacchanal

The baby boy of the bunch, Njisane is not just another ‘redman.’ An Olympian, Njisane is the country’s premier cyclist. Driven and disciplined with all that comes with it, Njisane is perfect for any age including those into a little cradle robbing.

6. Jillionaire from Mazor Lazer

Lucy Bacchanal

As part of the trio called Major Lazer, Christopher Jillionaire Leacock rocks the whole world. He is a producer and Dj working with artistes like Justin Bieber and Beyonce but the local boy never forgot his roots. Adding driving beats to Bunji Garlin’s Differentology they took it to dance clubs all over the world. He his the cool sexy guy with a jetset life that is sure to take the ladies to new heights.

5. Trinidad James

Lucy Bacchanal

The grill, the gold, the swag. Trinidad James bleeds red white and black and even though he raps out of the ATL there is no mistaking or underestimating his loyalty...Loyalty that is sure to get women thinking about taming this mega star.

4. Ro'dey

Lucy Bacchanal

There is an old saying that the most dangerous men are the ones who can make you laugh. If that is true then Rodell Ro'dey Cumberbatch is the uzi sub machine gun of our list, because not only will he have you in stitches with his antics, he also cuts a dashing figure when he’s not making you guffaw.

3. Angelo Bissesarsingh

Lucy Bacchanal

Big ball of comfort. Angelo is all this and more. Super scholar, Angelo made history cool again with his virtual museum, his newspaper columns and books. A national award winner just this present year, Angelo is Teddy Bear sexy.

2. Benjai

Lucy Bacchanal

Put the kids to bed, ladies night out, that special alone time. Benjai is the “no he didn’t...oh my god, yes he did” kinda guy that will catch you with his deep sweet voice, then take you for a ride on his helicopter (wink wink). Safe trip ladies...Watch your step..

1. Uncle Ellis

Lucy Bacchanal

The fairy tale rags to riches story, Ellis Reid is TNT’s Mr Steal Your Grandma. Known for his dancing and especially loose waist, Ellis rocketed to celebrity status when persons posted his unusual dance style on youtube. After attracting crowds he caught the attention of local party promoters and before he knew it Ellis was on every list as well as the lips of a nation.

And just that you know.....

…If you're secretly married to anyone on the list or you are dating them, please know that no offence is meant, in fact take heart that you get the reality, whilst the rest of TNT's women can only dream.

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