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Kimberly Jesika was recently featured on a radio show that talked about Beauty & Glamour from the INSIDE OUT.

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Kimberly Jesika is a former Psychotherapist & Special Education Teacher, turned Celbritypreneur. What is a Celebritypreneur. Self Explanatory. Someone that is an Entrepreneur that works with Celebrities.

Working in Hollywood you see so much, the quest to be the next best thing, or to remain the next best thing and beat aging. Its in the daily lives of women and men all throughout the industry. What ever you put in your body shows on the outside of your body. Whatever you eat go far beyond the scale. Your health is the biggest Wealth you could ever want to keep. If you don't have health you have NADA. Nothing.

I realized that, when I had to stop putting myself in situations, and circumstances that kept my adrenals and nervous system on high alert. There was never any relaxation because I was always in fight, flight, anxiety and worry. Until one day my adrenals decided to almost STOP working. I started having phobias that I never had before, I started having a really low tolerance for stress and I started realizing that people that I could normally tune out, having lots of access to my energy. They started wearing me. My body /energy was not able to tune them out like it once could, because I burned out my adrenals.

That was one of the first breakdowns in my health. It then led to my thyroid, and heart. Thank God I am ok now, because I caught things early and started engaging in healthy routines and regimines that healed me. Doing my research I saw where alot of people had th same issues.

My advise slow down. Those back and forth unhealthy relationships that keep you in fight or flight CAN THEM, they will ultimatley eat you away like a parasite with a great host. High Stress enviroment, tune out the noise in your head, and close your energy. Eat healthy, take vitamins, find an outlet, work out, listen to opera or symphony music, sing, dance, martial arts, Pray, walk on the beach, have sex! Do something to release the negative chemicals that have built up in your body like a broken faucet.

In my instance I sing and do graphic arts, and listen to 80's music!

Youngliving Oils and vitamins, prayers, spirituality has helped me immensley!

Whatever you do, keep your health, it is your biggest asset!

learn more about Kimberly at her PR site or you can catch her music on Reverbnation