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    This Optical Illusion Photo Frame Will Make You Do A Double-Take

    This is the ultimate homemade gift!

    Watch how to make it here:

    Nifty / Via Facebook: 1679616822293043


    Two 8 x 11 in landscape pictures (20.32 x 27.94 cm)

    16 wooden dowels 1 x 11 in (2.54cm x 27.94 cm)

    Hot glue



    Craft knife

    Card stock

    Picture hook


    1. Using hot glue, adhere long sides of wooden dowels in a zigzag shape.

    2. Measure out 1-inch lines, the long way, on both photographs.

    3. Using a craft knife, carefully cut each photograph into strips, 1 inch thick.

    4. In order, glue the first image on right side of dowels.

    5. Repeat with second image on left side of dowels.

    6. Hot glue card stock to the back side of dowels.

    7. Hot glue picture hook onto back of card stock.

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