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    Remove Stains Fast With This 3-Ingredient Carpet Cleaner

    Send that stain away.

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    3-Ingredient Carpet Stain Remover

    Kenah Trusewich / Via BuzzFeed


    Carpet cleaner

    2 parts water

    2 parts white vinegar

    1 part dish soap

    Paper towels

    Multiple white cleaning cloths


    Mixing spoon


    # Clean up mess on carpet with paper towels. (Blot, do not rub.)

    # Combine ingredients together in a bowl and stir with spoon.

    # Blot the stain using a white cloth and your stain-removing mixture.

    # Once the carpet stain is gone, pour over as much water as needed and blot with a new white cloth.

    # Leave the carpet to dry.

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