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    Make Your Own Hardcover Books With This Easy DIY Project

    A book you can judge by the cover.

    Custom-make your own notebooks and sketchpads!


    2 sheets of letter-sized paper

    PVA glue

    Paint brush


    Paper for pages (color and texture of your choice)

    Book binder's board

    Sheet of paper - will be cut down to 5 in x 4 ⅔ in


    Bone folder


    Thick needle



    Craft knife

    Cutting mat


    # Cut the cover board out of book book binder’s board, cutting two rectangles 5 in x 4 ⅔ in and one rectangle 5 in x 1 in.

    # Using a paintbrush and PVA glue, glue down the boards to a piece of letter-sized paper. Make sure they are evenly spaced and that the smaller spine piece is placed in the center.

    # Cut off the 4 corners of the letter-sized paper. Cut four slits, one on either side of the width of the spine piece, on the top and bottom of the page.

    # Fold over and glue all of the flaps and using a bone folder tool smoothen them flat. You should now have a complete cover.

    # Cut the pages for the book to 8 in x 5 in. Make as many pages as desired.

    # Stack all your pages and make sure they are all flush. Then fold them in half vertically.

    # Using an awl tool, poke two holes down the spine of your pages.

    # Thread your needle and sew the centers of the pages together.

    # Out of the second piece of letter-sized paper, cut a rectangle 3 in x 6 in. Glue the outside of the spine of your pages and stick it to the rectangle. You should have a slight overhang on the top and bottom.

    # Glue the spine of the pages and stick it to the spine of your cover.

    # To create a clean looking inside of the cover, trace the cover onto a sheet of paper and cut it out.

    # Fold and cut the inside cover in half. Glue it down to either side of the inside cover.

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