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    Cozy Up With This Budget-Friendly Fur Stool

    Put your feet up!

    Budget-Friendly Fur Stool

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    Here's what you'll need:

    * Wood

    * 4 top leg plates

    * 4 wooden chair legs

    * Fur fabric

    * Foam

    * Screws

    * Screw driver

    * Staple gun

    * Heavy duty glue

    * Gold spray paint

    Here's what you'll do:

    # Screw on the 4 top leg plates on the corners of your wood.

    # Trace the wood onto a sheet of foam and cut it out.

    # Glue them together on the opposite side that the leg plates are on, using heavy duty glue.

    # Stapling on the furry fabric, starting with the middle of each side and working your way to the corners.

    # Spray paint the legs gold and allow to dry.

    # Screw on the legs to the top plates.

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