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    21 Secrets Guys With Short Girlfriends Won't Tell You

    Give me back my clothes.

    1. Your jumpers/shirts become your S.O.'s comfy oversized clothes.

    Cause im a Big-baggy-shirt lover..💙 💁

    They are literally Borrowers.

    2. And you can’t even be mad at them because they’re so damn adorable.

    "Just because I'm taller doesn't mean I'm closer to the sun and therefore warmer. You can't have all my jumpers even if you do, here, have them! Have them all!"

    3. A whole host of fantasy-based nicknames suddenly become open to you.

    4. No matter your strength you can lift her, making you basically a Spartan warrior.

    5. You sometimes attract odd looks from strangers though.

    6. Your S.O. will always need to bring ID on a night out as they look about 12.

    7. And when you’re in the club, you better keep your eye on her because she's damn hard to find if you lose her in a crowd.

    Who's going on an adventure this weekend? #whereswally

    ^This slippery bastard is easier to locate.

    8. Being the big spoon is awesome.

    9. Being the little spoon is even better as you’re essentially wearing a human jetpack.

    10. Despite your S.O.'s size they apparently still need all the covers and the entirety of the bed.

    11. And good luck trying to get the covers back.

    12. Sometimes your neck and back ache from looking down at her all the time.

    13. Or maybe it’s because she's always using you as transportation...

    14. It's only fair though, since your S.O. has to take two steps for every one normal-size person step.

    15. You always know when she's used the shower.

    16. You are unknowingly bestowed the honour of "High Shelf Object Grabber."

    17. Your ideas on what constitutes a meal may differ slightly.

    18. But when your girlfriends eats regular-size person portions you always get the leftovers.

    19. When you hug, you sometimes wish your sizes were reversed...

    20. Sometimes it feels like the top of her head was specifically designed as your own personal arm rest.

    You're the perfect heigh for an armrest 😌🙌👌.. @Ash_Premlall

    If you do this I guarantee you two things: 1) Nothing will piss her off more. 2) It will never, ever get old.

    21. You're forever astounded how so much talent, wit, intelligence and love can fit in a package so beautifully tiny.