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The Final Weeks Of The Semester As Told By Ferris Bueller

Sometimes you need a day off.

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Seeing just how many tests and presentations are due in one week

But you're just here to enjoy yourself for these last few days of the semester.

When your professor tells you "This is not something you can study the night before"

Challenge accepted.

When it's finally sunny and 80 degrees outside but you have class

And besides, it's finally nice outside, so the last thing you'll be doing is spending your weeks in the library.

When your professor tries start a new lecture topic 30 seconds after class has technically ended.

Trying to explain to your friends how you're so stressed you can't even speak.

Listening to your professor talk about you should start preparing for your exam three weeks early.

Let's be honest, there will always be that kid in your class who has already begun studying for finals.

Only being allowed one side of a flashcard for said exam.

To write in two point font or not...that is the question.

When your professor tells you that "The final will be cumulative"

You mean I was supposed to remember everything from all those other tests?

When your friend asks you "Why don't you spend the day studying instead of watching Netflix?"

Deciding to just stay in bed all day when you should be writing a paper.

Waking up on the morning of your first final.

There will be tears.

If you ever feel like school is really killing you, take a lesson from Ferris Bueller and just take a day off. Remember:

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