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19 Dogs Who Just Want It To Be Beach Season Already

Winter is ruff.

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1. These fast friends who can't wait to reunite and dig up sticks all day long!

WhoIsYourDaddyAndWhatDoesHeDo / Via

2. And this chill pup who just wants to get her tan on.

Johnsinah / Via

3. This lifeguard who's itching to get back to his post because THERE ARE LIVES AT STAKE.

mcasagrande / Via

4. This badass lady who's ready to show off her new shades.

LiterallySweating / Via

5. And this lil' maniac who PROMISES to keep his cool this time!

MattKopp / Via

6. This survivor who won't let a little handicap get in the way of his fun in the sun.


7. This patriotic girl who already has her July 4th barbecue all planned out.


8. This hungry guy who can already taste the endless ice cream snackies!

saures / Via

9. This classy madame who just came from the salon but WHO CARES DO YOU SEE THAT WATER?

skidmarkpie / Via

10. And this little man who's gonna ~just keep swimming~.


11. This stylish dude who's already got the perfect beachwear SO LIKE CAN WE GO NOW PLEASE?

Arquero / Via

12. This blurry dog who is actually maybe a cheetah when it comes to playing fetch.

JaredSherr / Via

13. And this gleeful furball who is literally so excited he could fly!

ArdhaChandrasana / Via

14. This pug who is already mentally on summer break.

Hawaii, here I come!
TinyDinosaurArms / Via

Hawaii, here I come!

15. This sandy sweetheart who has to get back to digging to China so like could we hurry up with the photoshoot Dad?!

PaulAppleby / Via

16. This athlete who won't let a single tennis ball go uncaught.

firebatwb / Via

17. This snow dog who wouldn't even mind a change of climate, TBQH.

PraetorianTheDelorean / Via

18. This model who needs to perfect her Baywatch run.

silverbrotherskeeper / Via

19. And, finally, this princess who just wants to bask in the sun till there's no more sun left to bask in.


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