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22 Things Only Pianists Know To Be True

Stop Haydn your talents!

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Trying to find a good teacher that can help you at your level AND isn't $100-$200 a month is Mission: Impossible. / Via

And if you do find one, you hold them close and never let them go and pray that they aren't just doing this because they're in a tight spot and that they don't stop teaching after a year.

When people get mad that you can't play their favorite song on the radio and expect you to know it. / Via

We are not jukeboxes. We do not watch YouTube videos to learn songs when we can look at chords or get sheet music. We will not sink to that level of ameaturism! WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!!

... Ameaturism is not a word.

Traditional v. Suzuki rivalries can get pretty nasty. / Via

And then you get kinda afraid you picked the wrong method cause the other one has some ability you don't. i.e.:

Suzuki: playing by ear

Traditional: reading sheet music

Both: You are God.

Even when playing for a church or a choir: If the music director is getting paid and both of you are required to be there, you should get paid, too. / Via

You have spent too long perfecting your craft to be expected to be there regularly without some sort of moolah.

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