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    13 Old Ladies That Are More Stylish Than You

    Because Iris Apfel is the just the tip of the geriatric-chic iceberg.

    1. Wipes with Vogue

    2. Cat-sits for Karl Lagerfeld

    3. Uses the word "trendy" as an insult

    4. Has Testino shoot her Christmas cards

    5. Summers with Wintour

    6. Followed by Kanye on Instagram

    7. Bathes in Chanel No. 5

    8. Believes "hipster" is one step from "passé"

    9. Dreams in French

    10. Does her shopping from the front row at fashion week

    11. Stalked by Bill Cunningham

    12. Will have remains scattered in Bergdorf's

    13. Thinks that little outfit you have on is "sweet"