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Boyzzz Round 2

Semi, Formal, Crush, life, ring by spring, we are coming at you live with your very own boy finding search.

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  1. 1. What is your dream spring break with bae?

    Hiking somewhere beautiful where you can take cool pictures, eat good food, and see God's beauty
    A missions trip
    A different but equally posted about missions trip
    A study abroad trip where the legal drinking age is 18
  2. 2. What do you look for in a guy??

    Sense of humor
    Christ centered life
    TBH good looks
  3. 3. Whats most important to you in a date??

    That he is a gentleman
    That he can dance
    That he's fun to talk to/social butterfly
    That he has a good playlist for the drive there
  4. 4. Whats your favorite movie?

    The Hangover
    Princess Bride
    The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  5. 5. Whats your biggest relationship fear?

    DD-ing for your bf
    being friend-zoned for Jesus
    Ring by spring
    Your bf paying more attention to his boyzzz than you
  6. 6. Whats your major??

    Something serious, but I like photography more
    Pre-med but you might switch
  7. 7. If you were a disney princess who would you be?

    Anna from Frozen
    Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    Jasmine from Aladdin
    Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
  8. 8. Where do you see yourself and bae in 10 years??

    We lead a life group at church, our kids are the best on their soccer team which isn't saying much because its a team of 6 year olds, we make our own healthy pizza, pasta, and sometimes beer
    We live on a lake where we can always host a crowd of our closest friends for wine night, we both still help organize annual gatherings for our respective frat/srat, we both work professionally but find time to make sure our kids know how to dress well
    We go to fancy dinners downtown on a regular basis where we always run into a bunch of our fancy friends like that one ambassador. We're waiting to have kids but when we do they'll have the best hair. We have a pretty apartment that matches our aesthetic.
    We're figuring life out as it comes but so far this week we've gone to an art museum, crashed a wedding, and taken a road trip to nowhere. We both are doing pretty well at our jobs, but we prefer life after 5 pm.

Boyzzz Round 2

You got: Zeta Zigga Zamma

John Abiassi, Austin Allaire, Coleman Klein, Jacob Alves, Brian Tran... These Boyzzz can be slightly girly, fairly artsy, but overall are the absolute best. They'll always be there to take your picture and play on the playground and as a date they go above and beyond dancing for the heck of it and making you laugh your head off.

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You got: Alpha Tau Omega

Chris Hargis, AJ, Daniel Lligon, (not douchebag Greg anymore, long story), Reed Glass. These boys are fun. They love Jesus but drink a little, the puppy of the friend group. You always know you can go to them for help with your car or accounting homework. As a date they know how to show you a good time whether through wearing the best suit at semi, teaching you to two-step, and knowing exactly which rapper to listen to before and after the dance.

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You got: Phi Kappa Chi

Nick Miller, Sevy, Sam Moore (but sorry he's taken), Steve Mendyke (also taken is it a theme??), Grant Hansen, Stephen Calcote, Bob Liu... These boys love the Lord. They also low-key love to drink but you didn't hear it from me. Phi Chis are the best gentlemen- they'll pull out the chair before you sit, open the door for you, and pay for dinner. They'll also somehow find their brothers at the dance and put true meaning into the slogan "brothers twice"

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You got: Kappa Omega Tau

Grant Wilkie, Jack Haseman (LOL), Travis Warren, Ridley Holmes (taken), Kaiser Arnhart, Colby Garcias (taken). The knights of tradition, these knights will make you want to make the night a tradition for any function you bring them to. They're fairly stuck up, but we all deal with it because they have a cool shield and are cute. As a date they love socializing, and their main goal is to make sure you have fun and laugh a lot. They enjoy showing everyone that they're at another sorority event, but the fact that they can actually dance kind of makes it worth it.

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