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Check A Brief Release Of Henrique Franco A.'s Interview!

Here you can know a little bit more about him!

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Hey Henrique! I hope everything is going fine! So to start, tell us a little bit about where are you from!

It's a huge pleasure to be here and there are few thinks that I'm really proud! So, I was born in 9 May 1996, exactly at noon, and this is the first thing that i'm proud about! (laughs) in São Paulo, Brazil. Waze in that time sent me from the sky to the a maternity hospital called ProMatre, that is located in Paulista avenue, maybe the most important Brazilian avenue, and that's the second thing that I'm proud! Since that, I lived in Tatuapé a neighborhood in the east zone of São Paulo until I was 22 years old, but I'm still really passionate for by roots and I love to visit the place where I grown up and where my family and first friends lives!

And when you were a child, what you wanna became as professional?

A fireman lived next to my primary school and I used to think that it could be really nice to save the people against riskiness! After this, I decided to become president of Brazil and there was a time too that I wanna be a fighter pilot of the Brazilian army! So different, isn't it?

Henrique, could you tell us what's the most important people for you?

Since I was a child, the people that are most important for me are my parents and my grandpa (my father's dad)! I'm so grateful for everything that they taught, provided and did for me during all my life! Beyond this people, I'm so connected with my cousins, uncles, aunts, godfathers and grandmothers too, that always were next to me during all my life and supported me on my choices!

Henrique, what's your purpose on life?

I think that we are in constant change and because of this, I had different objectives on my life, but since a lot of years I understand that my purpose it's to "Connect people and their purposes to make the difference", for them and for the world!

Why do you short your last name?

Wow! That's a pretty good question!

In fact, my full name is Henrique Franco Abrunhoza. Franco is from my mom's family and Abrunhoza from my dad's. Another thing about me is that I always had a deep connection with energy, spirituality and this kind of stuff and one of he things that I studied is numerology. The numerology studies the energy and the importance of the numbers and letters in our life and because of the energy represented by my number's name and the impression that it passes for people, I chose to short it, apart from "Abrunhoza" it's a little difficult for people's understanding and write and I'm lazy to spell it all the time!

As we said, this was just a brief, but to know more about him you can approach him clicking bellow or you can wait for the next part of the interview!

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