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    9 Xmas Desserts That Are Light As Air

    No room for a heavy Christmas pud after your turkey dinner? Knock up one of these light-as-air desserts and save the cakes, puddings & pies for another day.

    1. Festive Meringue Wreath

    The Hedgecombers / Via

    A bunch of fruit on a gigantic meringue wreath? Really, it's just like eating fruity air...

    2. Christmas Chocolate Mousse

    Emily's Recipes & Reviews / Via

    With ingredients such as avocado and low fat quark, this chocolatey dessert will leave you feeling so angelic you'll have plenty of room to go back for seconds!

    3. Healthy Christmas Pudding Balls

    Nadia's Healthy Kitchen / Via

    These little bite-sized treats have all the flavour of a traditional Christmas pud, without the belt busting side effects.

    4. Chocolate Chestnut Log

    Tin & Thyme / Via

    Need a serious chocolate hit on Christmas day? Bookmark this light-as-a-feather chocolate log and you won't be disappointed.

    5. Slow Cooker Cranberry & Vaniila Steamed Pudding

    Baking Queen 74 / Via

    Can't bear to divert too far from tradition? This may be a steamed pud, but it's light enough to stop your belly feeling like it's full of lead!

    BONUS: It's cooked in the slow cooker so you can switch it on ahead of time & simply forget about it.

    6. {Vegan} Santa Hat Cupcakes

    The Petite Cook / Via

    CUTE ALERT! These dairy free delights are sweet and tasty and if you make a batch no one will feel they've missed out.


    Recipes from a Pantry / Via Baked Baileys Doughnuts with a Baileys Glaze

    Just cos you're stuffed doesn't mean you don't want to indulge, right? How about a homemade doughnut flavoured with plenty of Baileys...? Mmmmmm.

    8. Mincemeat & apple shortcake slice

    Family-Friends-Food / Via

    Not only is this one tasty pud, it's the perfect way to use up an opened jar of mincemeat that you don't want lurking in the fridge till next July.


    The Hedgecombers / Via

    Whole satsumas gently poached in red wine and spices. Not only does it taste knock-out, it makes a great gift too.