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5 Reasons To Residence Soph

Because the fun shouldn't have to stop after first year.

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2. Friendship is REAL


O-Week is the one time of the year where you are friends with 800 total strangers. Need to walk from UC Hill to UDR? Hey Eng Soph!!! Lets take a walk! Literally EVERYONE who is a Soph is your friend during O-Week

3. You Get to LIVE With the People You're Helping

WesternURezLife / Via Facebook: westernuRezLife

At the end of the day you get to see the people you're there for EVERY day! You get to talk to your Frosh at home because your home is their home!

4. The Perks

Beyond being able to help people there are even more perks to Sophing in residence!

Along with living ON CAMPUS for another year you also get:

- A free uniform

- Free coffee/tea in all residence cafeterias

- Free RezNet

- Another O-Week

5. You Get A School Family

Hannah Aviv

As a Residence Soph you get to have an amazing family and support system at school. Not only do you get to have your floor family, you get a family of Sophs who love you unconditionally! Not only that, you get to see that family everyday!

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