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12 Free Must-Have Apps For A Lazy Fall Night In

Treat yourself to a cosy night in with these 12 iPhone apps.

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Episode is a brilliant, classic app that will help you to unwind. It features hundreds of interactive choose-your-own-path stories, guaranteeing you a night of light-hearted entertainment.

While it is free to download, you are given to opportunity to purchase more "Tickets" (the currency you exchange for each story episode) if you cannot wait for them to reload. However, the first episode of every story is completely free, so you can dip and dive into other stories while you wait for your tickets to reload. They also regularly offer ticket-free days on certain stories (AKA, the ultimate Episode-binge days).

Color Therapy is arguably one of the best coloring apps out there in terms of how much it offers for free. There are countless of both intricate and basic designs you can tackle without even having to spend a penny. You can choose to let loose with a quick, colorful scribble or devote yourself to a full-blown 3-hour masterpiece- you choose. (And yes, there are free gradient packs!)

Twitch allows users to watch others live-stream their gaming, so even if you're not one of the most talented gamers out there, you can sit back and enjoy each video game unfolding in front of your eyes, at the exact moment it is being played.

If you're interested in access to a huge library of stories that range from fan-fiction to non-fiction and horror to romance, then Wattpad has got you covered. You can choose between thousands of user-written books on almost any subject imaginable. Whether you want to read books from the 'Hot' section (the stories that are trending) or 'Featured' (the stories that are hand-picked by the Wattpad team) or maybe even discover the next big thing in its fledgling form, you will never run out of stories to read.

And, if you're feeling a bit creative, you can even try your hand at writing a story on the app, and gain support from fellow writers and readers from all around the world.

If you have both a passion for anime and the patience to watch a few ads during the episodes, then Crunchyroll is absolutely for you. They boast a wide range of anime series, which are all free, provided you don't mind watching some adverts at certain points in each video. If you aren't a fan of ads, you are given the option to upgrade to 'Premium' which also gains you early access to episodes.

Sktchy is a unique app that's main function is to allow aspiring artists to browse through pictures uploaded by other users and draw as many of them as they like. Artists 'tag' the person they have drawn so that people are able to swipe right to see the original photo. And, those who fancy being drawn need only to upload their favorite images of themselves for the chance to become the muse. Since artists are able to sell their drawings on the app, your portrait could soon be hanging on somebody's wall!

If, like myself, you're an avid fashionista, then Covet Fashion is a must. You can browse through their virtual versions of clothes from real high-street brands in the Covet Fashion currency, style the characters in your purchased clothes to match each theme, and vote on others' looks. My favorite thing about this app is that the clothing prices are so reasonable; you won't have to spend weeks playing just to get a decent dress or pair of shoes.

Miitomo is a cute, simple app in which users create their own Mii, as well as customizing their voice and personality, and play games to earn clothing. They can also answer questions so that their Mii can inform any of their visiting friends about things like what the user bought last or their favorite food.

Have you ever wanted to search something, but weren't quite sure what? StumbleUpon serves you a large helping of images and articles from all over the web based on your interests and hobbies, so you're sure to find something that appeals to you.

If you're a fan of manga, the Manga Rock app is absolutely essential. With many different manga sources to choose from, and a wide range of categories to browse, Manga Rock contains almost every single current manga series out there, which is pretty neat in itself. As well as this, every manga chapter is free apart from the odd add, which is a far cry from some of the alternative manga apps out there.

PolitiCats is an insanely adorable app that's bound to get you hooked. The aim is pretty simple: tap your way to Supreme Earth Cat. Along the way, there are special abilities to be bought, campaigning teams to be hired, celebrities to be endorsed by, and fellow politicians to defeat. And, of course, you can personalize your cat.

And finally, the app that every lazy fall night in should feature is Curious. It's an educational app- with a twist. You choose from a wide range of topics that are then developed into a 'personalized, daily dose of learning.' But there's no boring stuff involved- just intriguing facts and friendly teachers who produce interesting and informative videos on their special topics. Not only will you walk away from each lesson knowing more, but also feeling more chilled.

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