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    Why We Need To Rethink Where We Build New Houses

    With farmland being lost in the United States at 1 acre per minute, we need to rethink how we live and how we grow food. If you want to see more cool posts like this, check Flannel Farms out on Facebook

    Farm Supported Development

    NPR recently publishes a story about a housing development in Fort Collins, Colorado that will be developed around a working farm. Similar to a current model of housing built around golf courses. Except a well manage farm has many environmental benefits compared with golf courses, that require tons of petroleum and chemicals to be maintained.

    Besides using less energy to maintain, this new model of development supported agriculture provide fresh food to residents with no question of what chemical while growing. This provides a certain level of food security of residents, who do not need to depend on a just in time modern supply chain for their meals next week.

    This isn't just good for homeowners, its a type of development that can be extremely profitable for developers. In Fort Collins, 200 single family lots were sold within a few days to going on the market. Values of homes already on site jumped 25% on news of the agricultural plans.

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