22 Alternative Names To Say “Bye” To Instead Of Felicia

The #ByeFelicia injustice must be put to an end.

As much as we Felicias of the world would like to believe our name became popular from the dancing penguins in Mary Poppins, it didn’t.

Disney / Via diytheme.com

The phrase gained notoriety from the 1995 film, Friday, in which Ice Cube’s annoying neighbor is named Felisha. We’ve compiled a list of other names that are more deserving of being dissed.

1. Regina George, Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures / Via statepress.com

I mean, she did wear sweatpants that one Monday, soooo…

2. Cruella DeVille, 101 Dalmatians

Disney / Via tumblr.com

“WHATEVER YOU SAY, CRUELLA.” - LiLo in The Parent Trap

3. John Travolta

Oscars / Via wordpress.com

I have still not forgiven him for mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars.

4. Honey Boo Boo, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Somehow, I think HBB would turn the phrase into a badge of honor.

5. D.W., Arthur

PBS / Via tumblr.com

I think D.W. is cool with anything, just don’t insult Mary Moo Cow.

6. Voldemort, Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via i1178.photobucket.com

Like “Avada Kedavra” but with your words.

7. Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

Just attribute it to Middle Child Syndrome.

8. Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms

Lifetime / Via tumblr.com

Probably wouldn’t even phase her.

9. Shawanna, Clueless

Paramount Pictures / Via s3-ec.buzzfed.com

That little polyester braid-wearin’, jeepin’ hussy.

10. Hangovers

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

The universal enemy.

11. Humidity

Disney / Via wordpress.com

The second universal enemy.

12. Mama Pope, Scandal

Mama Pope says Olivia ain’t nothing but the help, but I say Mama Pope ain’t nothing but trouble.

13. Frizz McGuire, Lizzie McGuire

Disney / Via tumblr.com

Disrespecting parents since 2001.

14. @YourNameHere

CBS / Via tumblr.com

Use the name of whoever you are talking to; a sort of “pay-it-forward” system so the person you are talking to can understand the hurt feelings it can cause.

15. Broccoli

There’s a reason there is no broccoli character in Veggie Tales.

16. Chili’s Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Chili’s / Via passionforsavings.com

SO delicious, yet SO unhealthy.

17. The Oscars

For Leo’s sake.

18. Tiffany, America’s Next Top Model

UPN / Via pinterest.com

Tyra already done told her to be quiet, might as well finish the job with a “bye”.

19. Michelle Williams from the singing group Destiny’s Child.

BET / Via tumblr.com

She should be used to all of the jokes by this point.

20. Rebecca Black

Payback for the dark time in our lives that she is responsible for.

21. Smelly Cat, Friends

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, it’s not your fault.

22. Craig Jones, Friday

New Line Cinema / Via tumblr.com

The man who started it all needs a taste of his own medicine.

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