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14 DCOMs Updated For The Millennial Generation (Generation Z)

What would happen if our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies came out in 2014?

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3. The Luck of the Irish

CBS / Via

An onlooker in the crowd records Kyle involuntarily step dancing to the folk music at the Irish carnival, uploads it to YouTube, where it is found by Ellen Degeneres' team. Ellen invites Kyle and his family onto her show, where they resolve the unknown family history issue, no demonic leprechaun needed.

6. The Cheetah Girls

Logo / Via

RuPal would star as the high school music teacher, Drinka Champagne. When it comes time for The Cheetah Girl to prove themselves worthy of winning the talent show, Drinka will prompt them to LIPSYNC FOR THEIR LIVES.

8. Quints

YouTube / Via

Instead of turning to visual arts for comfort during her time of isolation, Jamie Grover would create a web series and vlog about the trials and tribulations of being the older sister to quints.

9. Motocrossed

Orion Pictures / Via

Andi would have Facebook stalked Dean, accidentally liked one of his photos, where in turn he would have found her profile, and the whole gender switch reveal would have happened way earlier.

11. Get A Clue

Paramount / Via

While Lexi Gold and her team are suppose to be monitoring the hotel lobby at the end of the movie, they accidentally get distracted by a boozy bottomless brunch. $2 mimosas, anyone?

12. Pixel Perfect

MTV / Via

Sweet, sweet Ricky Ullman would have been a loner in high school, and after having enough of the popular mean jock pick on him, he would create his pretty hollogram girl and try to catfish the jock. By the end of the movie, Ricky would have learned that it’s not okay to toy with people’s feelings, ending with a montage of him and some new friends.

13. Johnny Tsunami

Disney / Via

We’d actually like to keep this one the same. It’s a timeless classic about classism and accepting the differences in others. And we miss the famous Jett Jackson’s squiggly hat.

14. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Disney / Via

It’s the 21st century and we aren’t wearing those fantastic outfits made of spandex nor living in space yet, so the title would simply have to be changed to Zenon: Girl of the 22nd Century.

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