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    13 Weird "Gilmore Girls" Town Events You'd Like To Experience

    Today should have been Lorelai and Luke's eight-year anniversary, if little ol' April Nardini hadn't gotten thrown in the mix. Instead of wallowing or sending hate mail to the writers, we are celebrating the town that made them possible: Stars Hollow!

    13. Easter Egg Hunt

    12. End-of-Summer Madness Festival

    11. Revolutionary War Reenactment

    10. Autumn Festival's Cornucopia Can Drive

    9. The Old Muddy River Bridge Knitathon

    8. Spring Fling Festival

    7. Snowman Building Contest

    6. Winter Carnival

    5. Founder Day’s Firelight Festival

    4. The Festival of Living Pictures

    3. Movie Night in the Square

    2. Charity Picnic Basket Lunch Auction

    1. 24-Hour Dance Marathon