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5 Reminders For Naturalistas In The Freezing Cold

A guide on how to keep coarse and curly hair luscious during the winter. And it does not include buying a ticket to the Caribbean!

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3. … so is keeping that moisture during the night!


Sleeping in a heated room? Nice! Got a steamer? No? Wrap that hair quickly! Or dry air will attack your hair all night. Building a satin wall between the attacker and your moist hair is the best defense!

4. A hat can be a breaker or a maker...


Wool and cotton are materials that suck moisture out of hair. They can also cause breakage. However, if you wear a silk wrap under your beret or sew a silk cap into your wool hat you have created a perfect moisture lock-in!

5. Box braids and twists aren’t only for the summer!


At the end of the day protective hair styles like box braids and twists will always be the easiest and most time effective way to protect your hair, also during the winter months!

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