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7 Ways NOT To Celebrate Halloween

Maybe Halloween isn't for you. Ever wanted to know how to NOT celebrate Halloween? Well now you can with this list that I've provided below but beware, enter at your own risk. No seriously, be careful. You may find some of the things in the list traumatizing or too true.

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1. Do NOT Dress Up for Halloween

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You ever really wanted to truly defy the meaning of Halloween? Just go ahead and don't dress up at all, you'll be showing a lot of Halloween spirit. If you've got some guts, I dare you to go out on Halloween or even Halloween weekend, not dressed up at all.... people will really be confused as to what you're dressed up as. I mean after all, you should just be yourself!

2. Stay In


What's more important? Staying in, doing nothing... maybe getting some sleep or going out for Halloween? I think staying in is more important, we could always catch up on our sleep rather than dress up on Halloween which is celebrated only once a year. People are always finding excuses to dress up during any random time of the year, so yeah, you're not really missing out.

3. Eat Healthy


Halloween is all about eating healthy! Forget about the junk food and grab that nearest piece of fruit or vegetable you see. Hmmmm.... so damn tasty, I'm so glad I decided to give up candy and eat fruit on Halloween.

4. Be the Person That Gives Out Healthy Food

Ever wanted to know how to crush the soul of a cute 11 year old who is the sweetest innocent person in the world and just wants some candy? Now you can by giving them not what they WANT but what they NEED, healthy food or anything non-candy related! Sharing is caring so spread some love on Halloween by giving out anything non-candy related; fruits, water, vegetables, etc. The kids will definitely love you for it.

Actually, if you go ahead and check out the link below, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about! The perfect way to celebrate Halloween if you ask me.

5. Premature Christmas Decorating


You know whats more important than Halloween, even though its occurs about two months after Halloween? CHRISTMAS!!!! Forget Halloween and start putting up your Christmas decorations, its never too early to start celebrating Christmas! The perfect way to not celebrate Halloween, but people will probably think you're crazy and call the cops on you.

6. Be Nice to Others!


So when people think of Halloween, they think of iconic scary movie characters and horror. Halloween is the perfect time to scare people but instead, you should try being nice to people for a change, unless you're Donald Trump !I wouldn't recommend dressing up in a clown suit and being nice to people, that's just a recipe for disaster. Who knows, maybe you'll get some fruit or a pat on the back for being such a nice person!

7. Just Because You Can


So this isn't really a HOW but more like a WHY. You are your own person and you do you. So there's nothing stopping you, except for maybe society and the countless people out there who would judge you for not celebrating Halloween.

In All Seriousness...

You should really celebrate Halloween, have fun and treat yourself! Of course, Halloween is a time of the year where people go crazy, so be careful, think about the safety of yourself and others. You should definitely be nice to people on Halloween but it can't hurt to pull a prank and scare people, just be smart about it. Spend time with your friends and the ones that you love! After all and most importantly, be yourself, but hey, Halloween is the one night where you get to dress up and be somebody else for a change!

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