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    10 Authentic Hawaiian Recipes To Rock Your Next Luau

    Get your hula on with these hip-shaking, Hawaiian recipes guaranteed to earn you Big Kahuna status! Keywords: Hawaii, Hawaiian, Food, Luau, Cooking, Recipe

    1. Mai Tai / Via

    No Luau is complete without the iconic Mai Tai made of fresh tropical juices, dark rum, dressed up with a pineapple wedge and an umbrella! Vic originally created the Mai Tai as a showcase for a 17 year aged rum, with nary a fruit juice in the mix. “The flavor of this great rum wasn't meant to be overpowered with heavy additions of fruit juices and flavorings,” mused Vic, however, his stern statement has since evaporated into the ether much like that of the concept of the original martini. The “proper” Mai Tai recipe has a deep amber hue, resulting from the rums used to concoct the libation and not from any fruit juices or colored sweeteners. Trader Vic’s original aged rum is no longer available, but today’s rums make for perfect rum drinks, including the ubiquitous Trader Vic’s Mai Tai. Get Recipe

    2. Kalua Pig (Kalua Pork) / Via

    Kalua Pork or Kalua Pig is Hawaii's version of pulled pork cooked in an underground oven or imu, the smokey, succulent pork literally falls of the bones! This is another must-have at any luau and is as authentic as it gets when it comes to true Hawaiian-fare.. Fortunately for you, the recipe doesn't require you to dig a hole in the ground!

    Get Recipe

    3. Haupia With Pineapple / Via

    Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding - This recipe brings the best of both worlds together by adding pineapple to this traditional Hawaiian dessert. Get Recipe

    4. Lau Lau / Via

    Lau Lau is my version of Hawaiian soul food. Not only because of the greens that are wrapped around this dish, but because it literally feeds the soul for most Hawaiians. This beloved dish is labor intensive. This delicious dish starts with taro leaves which has the same taste as greens or spinach, which is then stuffed with pieces of pork, pork fat and a piece of fish. Traditionally, it is wrapped in ti leaves and steamed or cooked in an imu or underground oven. Get Recipe

    5. Poke / Via

    Modern-day poke has taken the world by storm, but poke's humble beginnings are a staple at most luaus where the poke is kept basic with raw fish, onions, salt, roasted kukui nut (inamona) and seaweed or limu. Get Recipe

    6. Lomi Lomi Salmon / Via

    Lomi Lomi salmon is like fresh tomato salsa with pieces of salted salmon. This is another very traditional Hawaiian dish served at luaus. Get Recipe

    7. Poi / Via http://Food%20Network

    Poi - probably one of the most talked about Hawaiian foods... either you love it or you hate it and for most that taste it for the first time, it is compared to eating paste. For people in Hawaii, poi is treasured and revered as one of the most prized dishes. Get Recipe

    8. Pineapple / Via http://e-how

    Pineapple, the honorary ambassador of the Hawaiian islands and yet another icon of Hawaii - commonly served not only at luaus but in anything deemed "Hawaiian" which makes people in Hawaii cringe. Learn How To Prepare Pineapple

    9. Chicken Long Rice / Via

    Chicken Long Rice - Not sure how this dish made it on the list, but in Hawaii, this is a very traditional luau dish. Get Recipe

    10. Kulolo / Via

    Kulolo - probably one of the least recognized luau dishes, but for me, one of the most prized and favorite dishes. You don't find kulolo very often and definitely not at your typical tourist type luaus. Kulolo is a traditional Hawaiian pudding made from taro, coconut milk and brown sugar. It is cooked/steamed for hours traditionally in the imu or underground oven, but modern day versions use steaming or baking. Get Recipe