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Hugh Jackman's Hair As Wolverine RANKED

In honor of the upcoming 20th Century Fox's latest X-travaganza, and of Hugh Jackman's last stint in the role that made him famous, we take a look at the real MVP: Hugh Jackman's hair.

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Superheroes are usually only as good as their costumes, but Marvel's resident bad-boy Wolverine is the exception that proves the rule. He's all about the quiff. Though, the anti-heroic loner, can usually be seen in comics cavorting around in his infamous banana-pyjamas and winged-tipped mask, his look has been more defined by his ludicrous locks.

No one has worn the weave of wonder like Hugh Jackman


Over course of seventeen years and nine mighty-mutant movies, Jackman has valiantly thrown himself fashion-backward in order to nail the comic-book-quiff. In honor of his up-coming new movie Logan, which marks Hugh's last stand against his barber, here's our definitive run-down of Logan's best and worst follicle follies.

11. X2: X-Men United (2003) - "The Party City Wig"

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Christ above. At the start of the much-loved sequel, whose name still sounds more like a British soccer team than an X-Men film, Jackman wears the most incongruous, bouffant wig in a scene clearly shot as a pick-up, wherein Logan bumps into a wolf on a soundstage designed to look like British Columbia. This stands out even worse as his hair during X2 is generally spot on, as evidenced by its place on this list.

10. X-Men III: The Last Stand (2006) - "The Rod Stewart"

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Brett Ratner, though, was clearly a fan of the upside mop look, prompting him to copy it and shape his lead actor's head into a fluffy wedge Rod Stewart would be proud of. This film is big and dumb and I hate it. Same for hair.

9. The Wolverine (2013) - "The Drifter"

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The second spin-off for its titular hero finds Logan as a homeless drunk who lives in a cave and cries over screengrabs from X-Men 3 (as we all do). Although his look is pretty far removed from his comic-counterpart, it ranks higher on this list purely for inflicting less damage to Wolverine's image than the previous two entries.

8. Logan (2017) - "The Friendly Bartender"

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This severe, salt'n'pepper, crew-cut'n'beard combo shows us an older, more haggard Logan than we've ever seen him, living off the grid and having turned his back on the plight of mutant-kind. Without the mutton-chops and wing-tips, I'm afraid I can't rank this any higher no matter how good this movie is going to be. (Yes, I'm aware it's comics-accurate to Old Man Logan but I want my damn mutton chops)

7. X-Men: First Class (2011) - "The Rockabilly"

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Logan's brief, but memorable cameo, showcases some classic Wolverine, though it's pared down considerably. This slick, greaser look is perfect for the prequel's '60s setting. I dig it.

6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - The LumberseXual

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In possibly the most hated edition of the franchise, the filmmakers decided to go with a natural, windswept look, befitting the (vague) period time-frame of the movie, as well as being a vast improvement on the previous film's outrageous wigs. However, a muted mutant is no mutant to me and, for some strange, inexplicable reason, this coiffed brush makes Logan look incredibly Australian. Which makes sense, I guess.

5. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - "The Reed Richards"

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In a dystopian future timeline, the stress of outwitting gigantic, racist robots has clearly worn our Canadian brawler down, as his temples now sport shocks of grey. The film is big, silly and great and his hair fits the bill.

4. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - "The Acid House"

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As Middle-Aged Man Logan is thrust back into his (canonically) younger body in the 1970s, he regains a full head of brown locks, with nary a bottle of Just For Men in sight. Logan's impossibly big hair, sweet burns and hideous belts actually make sense in 1976, and he barely stands out. Context is key.

3. The Wolverine (2013) - "The MetroseXual"

20th Century Fox

After he gets rudely scrubbed and pruned in a Japanese bathhouse, Logan resurfaces a new, and very trendy man. This update of the grizzly bar-brawler befits the films modern, urban tone, as Logan must reign in his stabby nature in order to ingratiate himself into Japanese society. It's hip but it works.

2. X-Men (2000) - "The Greasy Strangler"

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The very first attempt at bringing the look to life is a remarkably effective one, in a time when superhero movies were only beginning to emerge and the suggestion of brightly colored costumes is played for a joke. Though, at times, the do appears rather curly and permed, belabored and dripping with product. It places so highly because it simply should not have worked in a movie this serious and, instead, it made Hugh Jackman a megastar.

1. X2: X-Men United (2003) - "The Wolverine"

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After a whole film and, presumably an heroic amount of hair product and back-combing, the production team really nails Logan's silhouette in X2. Barring the aforementioned Elvis wig, Wolverine is brought to life in this film with the perfect blend of realism and ridiculousness. It's over-the-top but just believable enough to work. I still wouldn't employ him as a babysitter, though.

Special Mention, X-Men: Apocalypse(2016) - "Weapon X"

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Though his appearance was brief and saturated in fan-service, this scene, wherein Logan goes on a berserker fury as he escapes the Weapon X facility in Alkali Lake, marks the only instance on the list where Hugh Jackman looked 100% comics-accurate and had really terrible hair.

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