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    22 Adorable Animals That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

    I bet you're going to be dead by the end of this post because these animals are just too cute.

    1. Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

    Feathercollector / Getty Images

    Their eyes! Their eyes! Their eyes! Omg do you see them? They're so smol they only grow to around 20cm!

    2. Dik-dik

    Namibelephant / Getty Images

    It's a small antelope. That's it. It's cute!

    3. Sand Cats


    These adorable little things are the only breed of cat that lives in the desert.

    4. Tree Kangaroo

    Craigrjd / Getty Images


    5. Numbat

    Daniel Scarparolo

    FLUFFY, FLUFFY, FLOOFY BB!! This cute ball of fluff is native to Western Australia.

    6. White Nosed Coati

    Florence And Joseph Mcginn / Getty Images

    This small cutie looks like a raccoon, except this one won't burrow in your trash. 😍 <-- me

    7. African Wild Dog

    Tomasz Dutkiewicz / Getty Images

    I want to keep this little doggo forever.

    8. Sugar Glider

    Pigphoto / Getty Images


    9. Fennec Fox

    Yanjf / Getty Images

    The ears are perfect. (Just look at the ears. The ears are perfect.)

    10. Patagonian Mara

    Ian Fox / Getty Images

    It's a rodent, but it looks like a deer! WHY IS IT SO SMALL? IT'S SO CUTE I'M GONNA CRY! IT LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE DEER!

    11. Stoat (Short-tailed Weasel)

    Tracy-williams-photography / Getty Images

    Those eyes could melt me into a cooing puddle.

    12. Pangolin

    Darrenbradleyphotography / Getty Images

    The pangolin is a large-scaled mammal. They're believed to be the most trafficked mammal in the world (other than humans) due to this feature. :(

    13. Chacoan Peccary

    Jeannettekatzir / Getty Images

    There's only about 3,000 of them left in the world and I will keep all of them safe even if it kills me!!!

    14. Eastern Pygmy Possum

    Ken Griffiths / Getty Images

    Little, adorable fur puff — I'm crying.

    15. Antelope Squirrel

    Ben185 / Getty Images

    These squirrels have a flattened tail and dig burrows to live in!

    16. Axolotl

    Vitaliy Halenov / Getty Images

    The axolotl is a type of salamander and I would definitely die for one of these.

    17. Pudu

    Virgonira / Getty Images

    THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! They're the world's smallest deer. I'm melting. Also their name is adorable — just say it over and over again, it's so cute! PUDU PUDU PUDUUUUU!

    18. Gundi

    Denja1 / Getty Images

    The babies are freaking adorable and I want to hug all of them.

    19. Elephant Shrew

    Belizar73 / Getty Images


    20. Golden Brushtail Possum

    Lisastrachan / Getty Images

    This little furry baby is basically a possum with golden fur.

    21. Pygmy Goat

    Petegallop / Getty Images

    The pygmy goat is a breed of miniature domestic goats.

    22. And finally, the Long-Tailed Tit

    Andyworks / Getty Images