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7 Ways Your Thoughts Effect You

You can never completely eliminate struggle and unhappiness from your life, but finding the correct form of therapy, different thinking patterns, is the first step. From EMDR,Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing , to changing one thing in our thinking can help us move past the struggles in your life.

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1. We think fast

The first way that our brain thinks is by thinking automatically, intuitively, involuntary and effortlessly. This means that we think immediately about some things without reasoning first. We think fast to accomplish routine tasks and we need to think slow in order to manage complicated tasks.

2. We think slow

Our brain also thinks slow, which requires slowing down, deliberating, solving problems, reasoning, focusing, concentrating, and not jumping to conclusions. Thinking slow affects our bodies, attention, and energy.

3. Get Rid of Your Out of Control Responses

Not all of the neurological trauma we face stems from childhood, but the earliest memories are the “Touchstone” and those unprocessed memories are triggered by current situations. By identifying the current circumstance that is disturbing, called Negative Cognition, we can use EMDR to “self-control” the way we let our problems affect us

4. Don’t use money as a motivator

If money wasn’t an issue, then workers would have a greater purpose to do the actual job at hand. The autonomy to direct one selves leads to more engagement, which then leads to mastery, which is an urge to become more skilled and knowledgeable, not because you have to but because you want to.

5. You are your own mentor

Your thoughts drive your feelings and behaviors. Your feelings drive your thoughts and behaviors. Your behaviors drive your thoughts and feelings. If you want to feel happy, do things that make you happy and happiness inducing thoughts, like “I’m successful!” and “I’m liked!” will follow, which will make you feel happy.

6. You Would If You Could, but You Can!

Your experiences in life may have left you feeling like you are not good enough, like you’re just not worth it. EMDR can help you abolish your fear and remind you that no matter what you went through, you are safe and you deserve support.

7. Stressed to Blessed

Dealing directly with the factors inside us that cause us pain and unhappiness can liberate us to enjoy life. EMDR therapy promotes a commitment to the self and it’s well being. Use these techniques in daily practice to work through stress.

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