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5 Worst Things People Will Say To You As An Black Woman

People say tons of things to you when your an African-American, let alone a woman. And 99.9999999% of the time, it's going to be stupid, ignorant, and annoying. Here are some really stupid things that people will say to you as a black woman. But honestly, the list goes on forever.

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3. Your SO sassy.

You basically just said: "OMG! Your SOO ghetto." (And for those of you who don't know, ghetto is slang for "trashy black girl with big hoop earrings and a weave who uses 'ain't' a frequently.)

2. "ERMAGERD!! You speak so well!!" or "You talk like a white person."

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Really? How would you feel if I just randomly said that to you? Also, what does it mean to talk white? Do white people have sole rule over proper diction? I know a lot of white people who don't even know what diction means.

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People aren't ever going to stop saying this stuff until someone creates a magical serum that turns you into a white person. Can we do that? Someone, please, do that. Anywho, you're awesome, so just keep being awesome.

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