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    20 Problems Only Cosplayers Will Understand

    It's a way of life for all cosplayers and we know the pain.

    1. Trying to pick more than one Con with what little money you have.

    2. Agonizing for hours in the queue for ~popular~ cons, only to find they have no tickets left.

    3. Realizing you maybe have too many cosplays.

    4. Having no time to complete all of your cosplays because you want to make every detail perfect.

    5. Or trying to find time balancing your real life with your cosplay construction.

    6. Deciding to buy a costume, but it takes weeks to arrive because it comes from another country.

    7. And when online sellers display the wrong labels.

    8. When you wanna crossplay.

    9. When receive a costume that's the wrong size, because overseas sizes don't compute with all bodies.

    10. What your room looks like when preparing and crafting.

    11. Tangled wigs, AKA every cosplayer's worst nightmare.

    12. Packing takes is an adventure in itself.

    13. Getting to a Con and having to carry so much freakin' stuff.

    14. Putting on body paint.

    15. Wearing high heels only for cosplay, and getting horrible blisters.

    16. Or even cosplay shoes that just don't fit.

    17. Getting weird looks on the way to the Con.

    18. When your outfit and the weather do not get along.

    19. When your important props arrive way too late.

    20. And that feeling when the con is over