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How To Look Better For Your Summer

Summer Health & Wellness Tips

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12 tips to look and feel better as the warmer seasons approach!

Summer is around the corner and we all know what that means! Beach body season! Suns Out Guns Out! Tan lines and all that jazz. Are you ready? If you answered yes, then that's awesome! If not, it's still not too late to get into better shape over the next 12 weeks. Here's a list of some simple tips you ought to follow to help you drop body fat, have more energy, and look more like a well sculpted statue.

Tip 1: Drink more water.

Tip 2: Eat smaller meals more frequently spaced throughout the day. Whatever number/combination works best for you. Everyone is different!

Tip 3: Consume more protein whether it is from animal or vegetarian sources.

Tip 4: Avoid junk food like the plague, but allow yourself to indulge once a week to help keep you on track mentally and keep your metabolism firing well.

Tip 5: Get a total of 75-150 minutes of exercise throughout the week. Doing chores and cooking does not constitute exercise!

Tip 6: If possible do not eat 2-3 hours before bed, your stomach will thank you in the morning.

Tip 7: Drink Green Tea and take a multi-vitamin pill daily.

Tip 8: Perform resistance training 2-3xs per week and target your entire body including your Legs, Back, Chest, Abs/Core, Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps.

Tip 9: Track your food intake and input it into an application like MyFitnessPal to help keep you accountable.

Tip 10: Let the mirror show you your progress and hard work, not the scale in your bathroom.

Tip 11: Follow motivational pages and motivational people on Social Media to help keep you motivated.

Tip 12: Think long-term, suffer now and enjoy/benefit later!

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