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    Inexpensive Gifts For The Photographer In Your Life (That They'll (Probably) Use!)

    We're just a few days away from the biggest shopping holiday (shoppiday?) of the year, and photographers are notorious for being the toughest to shop for. I mean, what do you get for such an expensive art field, that isn't the lens mug?

    For the Sweet Tooth Food Photog - $17.95

    DIY Photography / Via

    Every photographer needs a little something on hand to keep up their blood sugar on long assignments, and nothing is better than this. These cookie cutters come in 3 shapes, SLR, TLR, and Rangefinder for some pretty sweet variety.

    Keep long days from being a pain in the neck! - $15.99

    Eyeskey / Via

    The Eyeskey Universal Binoculars Harness Strap is a sturdy harness that removes the weight of a camera from the wearer's neck (or shoulder for those who wear a sling) and distributes it more easily across the back and shoulders. The camera is easily removed by using the side clips, and is adjustable for size and how much you'd like your camera to "bounce" around.

    Light up their life! - $11.20

    Selens / Via

    Photographers enjoy throwing around photons like kids enjoy throwing snowballs in winter, so make this holiday season a bit more colorful by gifting some gels for their speedlights (flashes). The kit comes with 20 filters, including color effects, color correction, and a diffusion gel.

    Keep them from getting Tea-Hydrated - $14.95

    TeerrificApparel / Via

    ....or over coffee-nated. Ok, I'll stop.

    But this, or the lens shot glasses ($14.95), will keep your photog going strong!

    What a Lens-saver! - $12 (On sale for $4.80)

    Capturing Couture / Via

    If I'm known for anything, it's for misplacing nearly every lens cap that I own. Items like Cap Savers keep your lens cap attached to your camera strap, to save your equipment from an untimely demise.

    The lens cap savers come in different flower designs, although if you want something with skulls, you should visit MOD.

    For those who like to be babied - $19.95


    Getting a kiddo to pay attention to a camera, or someone other than a parent can be a little tough. The Camera Creature looks enough like a toy for the nibling to give you time of day, while still being a functional piece of equipment for the photographer. This is a great piece for photographers looking to get into child photography, or to wrangle your smaller family members for a good family photo for once.

    Some other things...

    If you have a few extra bucks after perusing this list, you may want to get your photog a few extra little things that we forget to get ourselves, such as:

    White/grey cards ($8.99): to set white balance for consistently color correct photos.

    Microfiber lens cloth ($7.99): (Do NOT use the corner of your shirt! And yes, I linked the one with 18 cloths, because you will lose a few.

    Reflector Kit ($7.99): Reflectors have their uses with indoor and outdoor photography, and each photographer should have at least one small one in their possession for general use, or in the event one of their powered light sources (or natural sun) just isn't cutting it.

    So why didn't you suggest a camera bag or anything else like that?

    First, this list was aimed at budgets of $30 or less. While there are camera bags in that price range, I will not suggest them due to their lack of overall quality. Believe me, I have 3 bags under $20, and I've dealt with ripped seams or torn interiors pretty quickly. To be fair, I do frequent some steampunk events, and these bags have come across an errant gear or sword in their time.

    But camera bags aren't all alike. They need to hold not just a camera, but multiple lenses, a flash, and maybe a laptop/tablet. Is this an outdoor photographer? Then the bottom needs to have rubber, and the whole thing should be weather proof. Does it need wheels, or can it go over the shoulder? And yes, they come in many colors.

    Unless you're willing to sink $80 or more in a gift that may not work (and I'm being generous with that amount), then I wouldn't suggest buying someone a bag unless they have specifically told you the exact make and model of what they want.

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