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Envy The Love That The Grandparents Have For Each Other.

For the eternal love that can be seen in old couples

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These days’ kids amaze me by how they have relationships as soon as they enter their teen or even earlier and it becomes even more interesting when they suffer from breakups at the very early stage.

Globalization has brought the world to go border less, which makes information to be available at all corners of the Earth. This increases the glamorization of “Love” when there is so much hype about Hollywood celebrity couples love, how adorable it is to see when they PDA (Public Display of Affection) and eventually the whole world will go gaga over their breakups. Due to this exposure, many young boys and girls try to imitate their celebrity couple, try to impress the girl in such a dramatic way until they get the girl to say “Yes, I do”. What they don’t realize is, this constant effort to impress a girl will eventually fade off since their goal initially was to make the girl to agree. Besides, after the acceptance, guys have the tendency to take their counterparts for granted, and there starts the spark of fight. As the girl would be expecting more from the guy, but the guy would just be tired to think creatively to impress the girl.

However what one fails to realize is, all these are part of the excitement and hormonal changes. What stays would be the constant love. Constant love does not expect any sort of grandeur gifts or anniversary celebrations or spending extravagantly on their lifestyle, it is about the soulful touch, affection, care, connection etc. that makes the bond more long standing and admirable. The instant relationships or breakups do not portray the true love but merely showcase “infatuation” as termed in psychology.

What made me write this post now?

It was unfortunate for me to lose my grandmother recently. My grandparents were married for 50 years, it was heart wrecking to see them getting parted by fate. The way my granddad took care of his beloved wife when she was in her sick bed was beyond imaginable. He was the only person who was beside her during all her happiness, sadness, challenges or any other difficulties that she faced during her lifetime. He was there, sincerely taking her to regular checkups, buying her nutritious food, making sure she gets enough rest , ensures she does her morning exercises, does whatever help that he could do from his side just to see her live her life comfortably and stay healthy as well. During her last few days, she thanked my granddad every other day for him to be taking care of her so much so that she even made a wish to the fairy saying “if at all there is rebirth, I would like to relive a life with him to be my husband” It was admirable to see how the one man, who dedicated his entire life to live with her, for her, for such a long period of time.

I have fond memories of how they always quarrelled over little things, and yet patch back quickly. They are always next to each other in wherever they go and whatever they do.

After her demise, her body was put to lay an entire night in the house she lived in for decades. It was heart wrecking or breaking or shattering or wrenching or name it whatever that expresses the sheer emotional pain that one goes through, when their dear ones passes away. It was even worse, to see him reluctant to move away from her body, he laid beside her saying “I will never get to sleep next to her ever again, I am not leaving this place now”. Oh dear, this made me cry my hearts out. That was epitome of love. I have never seen anyone express love better than this. Now all I hope is that my grandmother is in a better place and hope that my granddad gets all the strength to live a life in the absence of his love. Since nothing can console him or compensate her loss in his life.

This is when I realized all those glamorous concepts of love that is existing in today’s world are just hyped up. True love is beyond words, materialistic goods, luxury etc. Wish everyone works towards true love, soul connection, rather than having instant breakups or immature relationships. This made me appreciate my granddad more for his existence in my grandma’s life as well as it also became an eye-opener on what a relationship should eventually consists and how it should be long standing.

One life.

One love.

Feel the heart.

Appreciate the love.

Forgive and forget for lifelong relationship.


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